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CLASS – A, Magnetic Compass Exchange / Repair services

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Exchange Program Streamlines Compass Adjusting and Repair

CLASS – A, Magnetic Compass Exchange / Repair services are supported by a fully-equipped compass repair shop and dedicated team with decades of experience overhauling all major brands of magnetic compasses. Providing speedy, cost-effective, and convenient solutions to satisfy magnetic compass carriage and inspection requirements will enable your vessels to keep sailing without disruption of service.

The Magnetic Compass Exchange Service Program maintains a comprehensive stock of overhauled and certified magnetic compasses from all major brands in multiple strategic global locations; awaiting deployment to ports worldwide.

Easy Exchange Process

  • Email the Following Details to
    • Brand Name and Photo of Damaged Compass to be Exchanged
    • Ship-to Port and Date of Arrival
  • An overhauled unit will be DHL to most any global port in time.
  • Once the exchange compass is onboard, the crew simply removes the unit from the special shipping box.
  • The damaged ship’s compass should be returned in the same shipping box to us in less than 30 days.
  • If defective unit could not return in time, additional charges may follow.

Exchange Compasses In-Stock

  • Saracom (Korea) – MC-180
  • Tokyo Keiki (Tokimec) – HB-165A-5, SH-165A-1
  • Osaka Nunotani Seiki – KN-R165, R165-A (compatible interchangeable models)
  • Cassens & Plath – Type 11 & 12
  • Sperry Marine/C-Plath – Jupiter 2060
  • Saura Keiki – SR165M
  • Lilley & Gillie – SR3/4
  • Ludolph – M55

Exchange Program Benefits

  • 5 Yearly Maintenance Exchange program for compass bowls available
  • Maintain High Reliability Compass Performance onboard
  • No chance of deficiencies nor detentions by Port State Control
  • Lower overall opeating cost on Standard Compass System

1 review for CLASS – A, Magnetic Compass Exchange / Repair services

  1. Thant Zin Oo

    cool service

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