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ONWA AutoPilot system KAP-866

Maker: ONWA

Product: ONWA Autopilot System

Model: KP-866

• Fluxgate heading sensor with high accuracy and stability.
• Automatic correction for local magnetic varation
• 4.5 silver bright LCD display
• Off course alarm warns when vessel is not responding to autopilot control
• Navigate with designed route of GPS Navigator
• Timer can be used as an adjustable watch alarm
• Gyro compass input with Gyro converter unit
• Option to upgrade to a water proof Fluxgate sensor KFG-28 is available


Auto mode -Change course by panel dial knob-Change course by fix or handheld remote (optional)


STEERING SYSTEM  Hydraulic or electro-mechanical 
HEADING SENSOR  Fluxgate heading sensorGyro compass thru gyro converter
NAV SENSOR  -GPS Navigator: NMEA0183,APA,APB (baud rate: 4800)-Heading Input: NMEA0183,HDT,HDG or HDM (baud rate: 4800)


POWER SUPPLY  12V or 24VDC , standby 0.4A, Auto mode 1.0A for control unit only 
ALARMS  -Off course alarm : 1 ~ 180 degree adjustable-Watch alarm: 1 ~ 60 adjustable watch alarm. Will trigger external alarm if not reset within 60 sec

-NMEA data alarm : Trigger when loss of NMEA data from GPS Navigator in GPS



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